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Rosh Hashanah 5783 MENU


curly lettuce, radish, carrot ribbons & beet

mustard-silan vinaigrette

FISH (choose 1)

whole roasted red mullets (heads included) with chimichurri

apricot-glazed cedar plank salmon (add 20 nis per person)

SIDES (choose 2)

roasted green beans

shallots, garlic & chili

Indian-spiced cauliflower

mustard seeds, curry leaf, cumin, lime

pomegranate & ginger-glazed carrots

pomegranate seeds & basil

Persian rice

crispy fried onions, saffron & raisins

MAIN (choose 1)

whole roasted chicken

thyme-roasted apples & onions

braised short ribs

honey & beer

sweet & spicy lamb tagine

apricots, raisins and prunes

DESSERT (choose 1)

rustic french apple cake

extra-dark honey cake



RH Seder Plate

apple, honey, carrot, cabbage, beet, date, squash, pomegranate, fish head

includes brachot card

(add 50 nis)

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