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romaine, spinach & kale salad

grilled asparagus, pine nuts & roasted sweet potato,

citrus vinaigrette

SIDES (choose 2)

sautéed broccolini

shallots, garlic & chili

moroccan potato salad

parsley, cilantro, lemon vinaigrette

pomegranate & ginger-glazed sweet potatoes

toasted pecans & basil

mashed potatoes

crispy fried onions & lamb bacon

MAIN (choose 1)

moroccan chicken tagine

tomato, olives & charred lemon

wine-braised ossobuco

mixed mushrooms

sweet & spicy lamb tagine

almonds, raisins and prunes

DESSERT (choose 1)

rustic french apple cake

loaded meringues

toasted nuts, chocolate, orange & ginger

chocolate glazed dark chocolate tart



persian charoset 

pistachio, almonds, dates, raisins, orange, apple

among other things

(add 8 nis per person)

seder plate items

egg, roasted chicken neck, horseradish,

charoset, celery, parsley

(add 40 nis)

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